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Be Prepared

Profile of Byron Balcom

Being Prepared can often times be described as a cliche, but it really is a phrase to take to heart. Legal disputes in all forms can happen at a moments notice, and its a wise move to already have a friend in your corner to help guide you through the troubled waters.

Byron Balcom has been described as one of the most recognizable real estate lawyers in Atlantic Canada. Born in Wolfville and a graduate of Acadia University BA and BEd ; and from the University of New Brunswick with his LLB standing 18/82.

Shortly after law school Mr Balcom started his solo practice in his home Town of Wolfville where is quickly became known as one of the leading real estate lawyers. Mr Balcom was also one of the youngest lawyers appointed as Adjudicator, where he heard several thousand cases over a ten year period. Mr Balcom was also appointed Assistant Crown Attorney where he prosecuted hundreds of cases and conducted several jury trials.

In addition, Mr Balcom became a noted corporate lawyers representing over 300 corporate clients.

Mr Balcom also was appointed senior VP of Fidelity National Financial and regional manager of their operations for Atlantic Canada.

In 2005 Mr Balcom started Atlantica Law Group now known as Anderson Sinclair NS, a multiple regional office and a division of Anderson Sinclair Professional Corp with offices throughout Canada. Anderson Sinclair has been recognized as a leader in designed software technology and real estate portals giving clients simplified ‎processes with 24/7 access to their client files.

Anderson Sinclair is proud of their first to build a MyClosing.ca portal system.

Mr Balcom has been a driving force to help push Anderson Sinclair as the leader into the Internet age embracing not just technology but also social media.

Anderson Sinclair is a proud supporter of Canadian Military. The firm ASNS is especially proud of building multiple websites to help assist our Military and RCMP families relocating throughout Canada. www.relocatecanadianmilitary.com and www.relocatercmp.com

Mr Balcom has also been a member and supporter of Nova scotia Home Builders Association for several years.

Mr Balcom is presently Legal Counsel of ASNS and Regional Manager.

Mr Balcom is one of the most sought after real estate lawyer speakers before many realtor events. He is also a Preferred Affiliate real estate lawyer for several real estate firms both in Annapolis Valley and Halifax Regional Municipality.

If you would wish to meet or talk with Mr Balcom feel free to simply send him a email at bbalcom@andsinc.com.
Our Websites: Anderson Sinclair NS, Relocate RCMP, Relocatecanadianmilitary.com, realestatelawyernovascotia.com, and VIPClientAdvantageplus, and Estate Protectors.